2ND SALE - 'YOU'RE MY LULLABY' 2013/06/06  

Did you miss the opportunity to get Euphoria's first set? Here's a last chance to get it! ^^


SLOGAN TOWEL: Front and back // 20x100cm // “You’re my lullaby”

GIFTS: 2 pins // 2 photocards // board stickers


ON SALE: 2014.03.02 -
DELIVERY: As soon as payment is completed.


1 set x 10 euro (~$13) + shipping fees

We leave you the choice for shipping methods: you can choose shipping with either a tracking number (a little more expensive but more secure) or without a tracking number (a cheaper option but Euphoria disclaims any liability for loss or theft of the package). Please be aware that the cheaper shipping is only available for one set; if you purchase more sets, shipping with tracking number is obligatory and will be the slightly more expensive option.

Ask on QnA board to know the price of shipping fees.


PAYPAL: euphoricjh@gmail.com

*Bank payments are also available. Please post an inquiry on the Q&A board for more information.

If you need any other information, post on the Q&A board or send an email to: contact@euphoria-jh.com with the subject “Euphoria TOWEL SLOGAN"

Check ‘secret’ when you post on QnA board, please.

Thank you! ^^