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Euphoria strives to be a safe haven for shawols from all corners of the world, a place for fans to interact with one another, and a way to show Jonghyun our love and dedication. Our goal is to support him through thick and thin, and to give him a glimpse of how much he's truly loved around the world.

In order to be the family that we know that the SHINee World fandom is, we have some basic rules that should be followed:

1. Euphoria

— All fans of Jonghyun and SHINee are welcome to join the site. ^^

— Keep it tasteful and civil. Any content posted on Euphoria that is offensive, provocative, harmful to others or sexual in nature will be deleted, and you may risk having your account permanently removed.

— Slander of other members or groups is not allowed anywhere on the site. We do not tolerate it.

2. Boards

— Notice, Index, To.Jonghyun, Talk, Support and Goods are all public boards.

— You can access the Data board by signing up as a member.

— Secret posts in the Data board are only accessible by level 8 members.

3. Membership

— You need at least 100 points to reach VIP membership (level 8).

— You need 300 points for Exclusive membership (level 7).

— Threads will give you 10 points each. Comments and replies will give you 1 point.

— Inactive accounts older than a month will periodically be removed.

4. Rules for use of our content

— Euphoria is an advocate of creative freedom. We feel that it is important for the fandom to share things with one another, to allow expression of creative freedom. It's how we grow, both as individuals and as a fanbase. We don't condone claiming ownership over our original content, but we do allow editing of our photos and videos.

— This is what you can and cannot do with our content:

You can:
— Re-upload our photos to places like twitter, tumblr, facebook and other internet sites.
— Edit our photos for creative purposes and share your work on twitter, tumblr, facebook and other internet sites.
— Gif our videos.

You can not:
— Claim our photos, videos, artwork or other content as your own.
— Edit, modify or otherwise change our original artwork (fanart). This is strictly prohibited. The art belongs to our artists, and modifying any of it without their permission is considered a violation of their creative rights. It will not be tolerated.
— Re-upload the original files of our videos to your own youtube account. We upload all of our videos to our youtube.
— Remove our logo to replace it with your own and then claim the original content as your own. Not okay in any shape or form, and Sae will come after you with the full blown rage of an extremely protective mama bear.
You may not, under any circumstances, redistribute or use any of Euphoria's photos, videos or other content for profit. This is forbidden.

— If you guys have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to let us know. You can also e-mail us at or contact Sae on twitter, or contact Nana on twitter, if you wish to discuss any of the content in this post. ^▽^

5. Contact

— E-mail:
— Twitter: @euphoriajh

We hope that you enjoy your time here, and thank you all for your continuous support. :3


2015 birthday support

For Jonghyun's birthday this year, we wanted to do something a little more meaningful, and something a little more lasting....